I woke up in a new buga…just kidding. I woke up in an old chinese taxi.

entry: 10/19/13

True story this happens quite often when I’m tired, stuck in traffic, and woken up at my place by the driver. Its crazier when you dream you’re home, only to find yourself surrounded by characters like the matrix.

You know what I hate? When someone comes to the crib and starts drinking out of the big gatorade bottle like it’s a 20oz straight to the neck. WTF that’s a liter asshole pour it in a cup!!!!! Prick didn’t even finish it so now I have a half liter of gatorade wasted with back wash. F*CK.

im not quite sure, but i think this was my bday. im just assuming by all the attention im getting, i cant remember much of it.

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