My delivery guy always shows up to my door in bathroom slippers

entry: 8/19/13

My delivery guy always shows up to my door in bathroom slippers (common summer attire in china).  He rolls the front of his shirt up to his chest to display his not so large belly. That’s common during the hot humid summer. Does the stomach generate more heat or something? Why not just flip the shirt behind your head, or roll the sleeves, why just the belly? They also like to walk around rubbing it like a Buddha even when they’re skinny. It’s not uncommon to see a pack of men walking around with their stomachs out, rubbing it in unison as they stroll oh so slow along the streets, all wearing bathroom sandals. ‪#‎weirdthingsyouobserveinchina‬

Anyways, I was outside eating an ice cream cone listening to music in my complex minding my business as per usual, when some random chinese man came up to me and began asking inquisitive questions (remember earlier I mentioned they are extremely curious people). Anyways after a brief conversation, he asked if I could teach english, I said yea thinking it was for him, but apparently its for his 4 year old daughter and her friend, 5 year old boy name Strong. I agreed. Aaaaaand just like that I have a weekend job with little kids. Welcome to China.

side note: Just booked my ticket to Bangkok. Leave in a month, going solo. Aw shiet.