Oh hey, just a black guy living in Asia, decided to travel around the planet, get lots of stares and get into awkward situations. Now I’m going to document it!  For other artistic outlets of mine, see menu. Hope you enjoy! and don’t forget to tell your friends about this page!

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  1. Greetings fellow 黑人,
    I go by Kwame Ismail and I like yourself was a 黑人 在 中国. Back home people were shocked that I decided to move to China in the first place and asked me the same questions every time I called home from Shenzhen: “what’s it like?” “how are the people?” “what’s it like being the only Black person?” I’m not the gifted writer that you, so rather than a blog, I decided to let my camera do the talking. I created a web series called “Black in China 黑人在中国” [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY42D14liXliw0PUrSWMMxA]. My goal of this series was to show that their are Black people in China, and that the opportunities for Black westerners are far from limited. Since Shenzhen, I moved on to Doha, Qatar to do the same type of research. Since leaving, I keep seeing more Black people in China related content and I plan to return to China this September to film season 2. I left a lot on the table in season 1 of my series and would love to come to Qingdao and do an episode on you the Black artist living in China. My wechat is still active (KMATiKC) and you can contact me there or by email. I am also crowd-sourcing for financing better equipment so that my next season is less “guerrilla” and more professional. If you know any generous people, please pass on this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kmatikc/black-in-china-season-2.

    Thanks vfor taking the time out to read this and I would love to connect with you this September. Peace & Blessings

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    • Sure man I can help you out no problem. I also own a camera (samsung nx-300 1080p) if you don’t have the equipment while you’re out here.

      I should also add….I am a special case… I’m not only a black american, I am also a wheelchair user. Let me know when you’re in Qingdao. 🙂


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