When you go to computer city to buy something, you will return 3-4 times because it won’t work the first time.

I swear every time I go to  computer city to fix my computer or buy an item, I end up having to go back because something else goes wrong or the situation I went to fix never gets fixed. I haven’t been around because my laptop has been getting ‘treatment’ and I haven’t taken any pictures because my camera is under construction. oh boy oh joy.

Thing is, the place has great prices so you’re always drawn back and plus their aren’t very many places like it, but, they do mickey mouse jobs. For example, I went in to do some upgrading, I want to get 16gb of ram because one of my sticks flopped (I bought this stick from best buy wtf) and they put in another one. At the time, which was my mistake, I probably should have looked at what stick they entered, but I didn’t. I get home and I get the blue screen of death….wtf. So I open my laptop and I see some no name, off the wall stick that looks like Wang (actual person) just created in his basement. I go back there and I ask them for a name brand. She brings me a samsung, I get home, again blue screen of death. LOL. I laugh but its not funny. This place is a good 45 min away. Next afternoon I go back again, I tell them something is wrong, I did a diagnosis on it and of course the 2 sticks are different……they must be clocking different. They try to put 2 samsung sticks (per my suggestion), they turn on the comp (yea I’m not leaving this time) and instantly bsod. Had I gone home I think I would have thrown the fucking laptop against the wall. They tell me they don’t know whats wrong (I know what’s wrong these sticks aren’t actually samsung and they’re shit), but they suggest I just keep my current stick (which came with the laptop) and wait for them to find another one of my exact stick. How is it I go to this place for an upgrade and manage to go back home with only 8gbs of ram? LOL.

…..but that’s not all. I get home AND NOW MY KEYBOARD DOESN’T WORK ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????? I push I and it’s y. I push 5 and its z. WOW. I call them and go off. They tell me that they will order me another keyboard. 4 days goes by…….I go down there….again…..they install the keyboard which only takes about 10 min, HOWEVER THE NEW KEYBOARD THEY JUST INSTALLED DOESN’T WORK LOL. The lady apologizes profusely and tells me she will order another. I go home…45 min away. 4 days later…..she calls me, I GO BACK DOWN THERE AGAIN……45 MIN. and finally my keyboard works. Bet I don’t have to go back down there again. WRONG…..WRONG.  Did I forget to mention my camera needs a new sensor, and this whole time it’s been under commission and is on the second floor of this place where I dropped it the first day because I thought…THOUGHT…I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone? HA! So yup, you got it…I have to go back down there to pick up my camera hahahaha.

Let’s see if the camera will be fixed the first time around……..

Well. I have finally caught up. From here on out my blogs will be current not archives.

No more entries from the past. Just in time for the new year!   All I can say is that now that I am talking PRESENCE, I have gotten quite used to living in China. I know of course this confuses many people that I live abroad but as I try to explain to folks that there are 2 different people in the world, there are those that stay near their family, comfort, home, and then there are explorers, people that go to far away lands and venture out. These type B people are the sort of people that discovered the americas, married locals, hell, america is full of people that they themselves left their home country for a better life in which was foreign to them. Try not to be confused and try to understand. Some people feel comfortable being uncomfortable if that makes any sense…..

anyways its nice to know that from here on out my thoughts will be current. I’m just glad to have an archive I can look back on and compare my *new in china eyes* to my now *veteran eyes*. funny because QD is a transit city most folks don’t last more than a season yet I’ve been here this long.

anyways, its late. but I’m excited to finally have fresh writing material. 🙂

If there’s anything you want me to cover, any ideas, by all means share. I could use some feedback. 🙂