People ask me if I’ve ever been denied access into a place for being black or a foreigner

Yes I have. Not often, maybe once or twice in 3 years, but I have. Now before you assume China is extremely racist, let me put things into perspective. China used to be a bit of a  ‘hermit’ country, so they have a bit of xenophobia and are still learning to cope with globalization.

Me and my boy from London (white guy) got denied access into a chinese hostess bar. Typically I stay away from places like this, but we just wanted to see how weird it was – the door man  however, had other plans: access denied lol. I guess it doesn’t bother us foreigners that much because this isn’t our home, it’s not like its happening in OUR country, that would be a bit different. Out here, you kind of just respect it, like you know you may not have access to everything its their country and maybe culturally you being an outsider might not be able to stomp around where ever you want like you own the place, basically as a foreigner, you know you may have limited rights. They also have a history of invasion so they’re a bit uptight. On the flip side, you don’t want to really go places where there’s not SOME foreigners and you’re out numbered anyways. Girls + Liquor + Jealousy + Tribalism = Violence. This is why some westerners are always getting their asses kicked. I’m too street smart and been doing this for way too long to get caught up in that drama, but these fresh out of college kids don’t pay attention to their surroundings and think shit is like in the west, where you can just walk up to any ol girl and start making out, you gotta be careful because SOME chinese and koreans (not all but some, you know, swagless non female getting guys) are protective of 2 things; their women and their country. In some respect, the doorman was  probably saving our asses by not allowing us in and being outnumbered by 150 dudes.

Westerners are considered expats, ‘3rd worlders’ are considered immigrants.

I noticed that in america, we call foreigners, specifically those from “3rd world” countries; immigrants.  Even if they are just there for a vacation, visit or work. However, a westerner abroad in any country is considered an expat. Why is that? Truth be told, I am an american and  I am indeed an immigrant in a foreign country. Why am I called an expat, but a chinese person in america, even just going to school or business contracting is considered an immigrant?  Funny psychological business going on here……