I moved back to Wanda plaza

entry: 11/2/13

I moved back to Wanda plaza (40 floor complex), in case this is a new entry to you, this is a mall which has various businesses, apartments, hotel rooms, and a mall – anyways I get a card on my door every day for things like delivery food, consulting, massages, hotel service etc. I see a card for a dumpling place, so I place an order for dumplings and beer (it says 24 hours its about midnight). First sign something was off was some girl answered the phone sounded like she just woke up. I order, then she calls back to verify my room number once she gets to the elevator, I speak with a strong accent that the older chinese can’t understand but the younger ones can (sign number 2). The door knocks…..AND a 10 year old kid is the delivery guy WTF LOL. O_O….. China where 10 year old kids are delivering food at midnight.

back to wanda

random thought: I was watching chinese news, and there were 4 beached whales. Apparently overnight some people came and cut chunks of the whale meat. I don’t know why I laughed, but damn. hahaha

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