Well well look what I found at the grocery store.

giant maggots

entry: 1/9/13

Yea that’s right. Anyways Im back in Qingdao. You know what’s funny about China? Everyone complains while they’re here (me included) but once they leave they miss this place so much, and eventually end up returning. The charm, friendliness, freedom/lawlessness, special treatment being a foreigner and cheapness (that’ll make you cry) will have you miss the place so much. Out of all my friends I think I was the only one that didn’t complain about returning home, but that was because I’m from one of the best and warmest cities in the world, and id been away for 2 years – I was basking in my vacation.  China will be my home for a couple more years, it leaves an everlasting impression on you. I recommend everyone visit before they die.

Can Air China get anymore stereotypical?



entry: 12/6/12

In case you’re wondering I’ve been in the U.S for the past 2 months. I am on my way back to Qingdao. Missed my damn flight in SF, spent a night there,now I’m in Korea headed back. You know whats funny? They always seat me in the first row next to the exit so I dont have to walk (thats what we will call it) to the back and be near the restroom. Thing is, during an emergency my slow ass is first to exit since im responsible for opening the hatch. I figure about 50 people will perish from my down time haha

my ride is here. talk to yall later.