Isn’t it funny when fat people…


Isn’t it funny when fat people are too insecure to eat around you? Like you can’t see the physical evidence of their habit lol. Its ok man just eat you ain’t hiding nothing lol

on a different note I had to move from my complex, yea that mall, Im outta there. Just so much drama with landlords trying to rip off foreigners because they figure the weather is getting warmer and they can charge up to 50 dollars a day for rent. Ill get into this further in future posts. I love the place, just hate the owners.

I’m currently staying in Badaguan (used to be the german colony part of town) at a friends beach house until I get sorted out, into the country side…yes….I said countryside. I am moving to Chengyang (outskirts). Chen and his wife have a flat there and they’re letting me stay there for 6 months.   Oh and did I forget to mention I had issues with a stalker chick and the police got involved? HA. I was initially supposed to stay with her, but looong story which I will get into in the next couple of days for sure. In the meantime, its dinner time!

qingdao is a beach city, and thus specializes in seafood.