Vent (Philippines addition)

Let me vent cause I’m mad: Everytime I go to mcdonalds, I order a single McDo (a single drumstick), but I get an unidentifiable object. MAN WHAT IS THIS? I can’t tell if its a thigh, breast, rib cage, this is not whats in the picture on the box!!!! Its white meat, half is dark meat, its like a mangled up rooster. How can you ruin a drumstick? that’s the easiest part of the fucking chicken. FUCK. every fucking time. ITS NOT HARD TO MAKE A DRUMSTICK MAN. GOD DAMMIT.

Update in the Philippines

Blogging is a thing of the past, but I still like to occasionally write.

I love filipinos. I just bring my luggage to the airport. Them, Its milk fish, tilapia, hot sauce, tuyo, and family nephew in the bag and all that. Me? I’m just wearing jordans and one bag lol. They try to fit EVERYTHING in one bag, its impressive.

Anyways Im in town now, and corona seems to be dealt with pretty good.

However, I hate when people take off their mask to talk, sound waves goes through the mask. you taking it off when your droplets are the most likely to fly out into the air is beating the whole purpose of the mask. Youve got that on when your mouth is closed, but when you decide to open that mouth, you take the mask off and start talking to me. I swear man, imma flip out. -end of rant-