Visiting friends in Shenzhen.

entry: 6/15/13

So I’m in Shenzhen staying with a couple of friends whom I met in Qingdao, Brice (French) and Genesis (Alabama),  they  have relocated here. I’m on a visa run (I have to check out of the country every 90 days). Ive been considering moving to a larger city, being that I’m from LA, Qingdao tends to be a bit small. I figure why not do my visa run in Hong Kong which is 30 min away, but take the time to visit Shenzhen and see what the city is about. I must admit I quite like it, its large, modern and warmer. There’s a lot of foreigners, I notice many of the chinese are from various parts of the country. Shenzhen appears to be a city built to be a sister city for HK.  We have been getting crunk every day, especially at a place called coco plaza, which is a block radius/plaza with nothing but clubs and bars.

Did I forget to mention that good ol Gen, wanted me to feel like home (America) and decided to make some burgers, but she thought it would be a great idea to put the grill on top of her washing machine made out of plastic lol. Good times!

brice, me and gen.

what happened?

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