Chinese taxi drivers are pricks.

entry: 6/19/13

This dude fastens his seat belt right, and so I go to do the same, and he’s like NO NO NO. They do this. They don’t want you to wear a belt because it’s some kind of etiquette, it displays trust or some stupid shit. Thing is, I DONT trust, that’s why I want my belt on fool. I once even had a driver UNBUCKLE my seat belt, literally he pushed the button like no no no, its ok its ok, then lit a cigarette. :mind blown: They really are aggressive about you NOT wearing your seat belt, as if I don’t have enough car accident flash backs to last me a life time, I gotta worry about whether Li is going to flip his 1995 toyota taxi with no air bags as he violates every single traffic law known to man. Oh and did I forget to mention the gas tank is located in the front of the taxi.O_O

Random thought: I play Drill, Trap, Chief Keef, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, 808s, I hear nothing from my neighbors ever, even at 2am. As soon as I play Japanese drum music, they bang on my wall. Amazing.

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