Me and some lady got into a mad dogging mean mugging contest – That QD liquor got folks feeling immortal.

entry: 8/1/12

Both of our eyebrows were down. locked and focused. I then flipped it and put on a thizz face (google it) like I just took a bite out of a lemon. She got scared and put an extra gear in her step. + 1 Knox.

QD liquor got folks thinking they’re immortal. Got folks getting carried out the club by their limbs. Got folks splashing on the ground. Got folks spilling onto the streets. Got chicks dancing on poles. Got dudes taking home loosy goosyes. That QD liquor wild. haha

random thought: apparently if you microwave a boiled egg it explodes into a million pieces. who knew. *shrugs*

Don’t you hate when someones breath smells, you offer them some gum or mints and they decline. It’s like take the god damn mint god dammit! thats that shit I don’t like. Breath smelling like fish soup, tofu, and mushrooms, jesus, then want to be all up in my face breathing in my nostrils and shit. Pisses me off.

beer festival has began in qingdao. yea, we start young out here *shrugs*

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