I wish I was a hand, so my occupation could be handing out slaps.

entry: 9/1/12

I just want to give a special shout outs to the construction team that was doing work in the hallway with a sledgehammer at 8am. Thank you. I appreciate waking up to a dream that special ops were trying to kick down my door. one love.

Later in the  day, Me and Toye got into it with the taxi driver. Me being the mean one had a verbal exchange with him despite either of us speaking each others language. so it went a bit like this

Driver –获得他妈的外国人!!!!!!!!

Me– wait..wait hold up, who do you think you’re talking too????

Driver – 你!!!!!! 狗外国人!!!!!!!

Me–how about I %#$#%%#$ you #%&@%#$@????

Driver–是什么呢????????????? 我吗??????????

Driver — 拧你,你的母亲,祖先,全家好吗!

Me– oh really?????? me???? *humping gesture* @%# I will $@%$@%#!!!!!!!

Driver– 狗!!!!!!!!

Me– *finger* a@@h@l@!!!!!!!!

Driver–你的母亲!!!!! *humping gesture*

Me– @#$# you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Driver — *go away gesture*

Me– *snatches change from his hand*

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