Woke up to construction workers drilling my wall. Masculinity tested.

Entry: 3/21/12

Woke up to construction workers drilling into my wall, granted, I wake up to construction work every day (I’m serious), but this one made me scream like a japanese school girl :*(. Thank god I didnt have anyone over, because she would have lost all respect for my masculinity; how high pitched and loud my scream was and the way I fought off those sheets…:facepalm:. I swear to god, it sounded like they were drilling into solid copper, RIGHT INTO MY EAR!!!!! Imagine a loud CLAAANNNNNGG BRRRRRRR CLAAAANG out of no where! while youre nicely tucked in snuggling your pillow, embedded into your fluffy bed like a soft cloud then BAM! My heart was hurting so bad I thought maybe, just maybe, I was hearing death. Like in the middle of the nite┬ásomeone shot me in the head and thats the noise it made. I was too scared and my heart hurt too much to muster up anger. I just sat there with a confused look, blood shot eyes, morning crust and loud drilling for a good 10 min. They stopped shortly after.


photo by knox

Construction: It’s a part of living in a country that is always building and have┬áno regulations. I’ve learned to sleep with studio headphones on.

Chinese bars and chinese products.

entry: 3/18/12

Chinese hard drives are made out of potato chips. Am I seriously about to go thru my third one in a month? This format better work or I’m working off my external from here on out. Or til I can get to an apple store.

Bars in QD are usually full til about midnight, that’s when the Chinese start dropping like flies. By 3 it’s mostly westerners with a couple of Chinese guys passed out in a corner. Haha. They can not hold their liquor for the life of them. They have this little thing called *ganbei* which ultimately means *chug/drink it all*. but heres the thing, they do this with everything: beer, spirits, red wine, and combined. After about 45 min, theyre completely hammered. It is chinese culture to ganbei with you, buy you all the liquor and pretty much try to drink you under the table, while failing miserably because us westerners are quite accustomed to drinking since bars have been a part of our culture since god knows when.

I remember being invited to a friends house for dinner and her dad just kept going and going, mind you, I had to meet up with friends at a bar after this dinner, so I was trying to pace myself, enjoy my beer, leave room for the food, but he kept saying no no no ganbei, you must ganbei, Im like look man, just save your beer cause I can drink like a fish and youre just going to pass out, and sure enough he was hugging the toilet like it was his newly found best friend by 11pm. I, of course, continued on to the bar. That is where I saw one couple, yes both the guy and the girl, being carried out like freshly hunted game by their limbs, covered in their own vomit. 3 chinese guys offered me drinks, and of course they ganbei, and next thing I know 2 go to the bathroom and never come back out. Lets not get into what I see outside my apartment complex at this time. Literally everybody and their mother stumbling back home, women being carried, youd have thought there was a natural disaster and red cross needed to be called in. Hilarious.


Really bruh? you drunk and the sun still up? you drunk in the MIDDLE of dinner? smh.

Really bruh? you drunk and the sun still up? you drunk in the MIDDLE of dinner? smh.

Chinese drivers are awful.

Can someone explain to me how you crash into a car that is on the opposite side making a left turn when youre in the left lane turning in the opposite direction? absolutely brilliant. I have seen some shit you wouldnt believe. I once saw a car on the freeway miss its exit, hit the car in reverse to get back to it. LOL. Ive also seen a car stop smack in the fast lane, I always thought pulling over to the furthest right hand lane (if there isnt an emergency lane) was universal. apparently not. Ive also had Chen stop in front of a freeway exit to grab some cigs, oh and he also parked his car on the wrong side of the road, in front of oncoming traffic. think Im lying? picture below. Im not making this stuff up.


parked on the wrong side of the road in front of oncoming traffic. O_O