Chinese woman v2.0

entry: 7/12/12

Helps with dishes and errands while the phone is attached to the ear THE WHOLE TIME. Its kind of impressive actually. see pic below.

on a different note:

You know why I don’t give chinese people eye contact anymore? because they seem to think that means I know mandarin.


Earlier today I got a little visit. Good to know that when you’re cooking and the ‘silent’ smoke alarm goes off, it alerts the security team down stairs. That’s actually pretty cool. and I didn’t understand a lick of what he said except lunch and window. Pretty sure that’s all he understood when I told him the window and vent were both open. china, where single words can translate an entire sentence lol. ps.

I didn’t burn anything, I was frying something. 😡

I found a great picture of the block/building I stay in. I’m in the building to the right

candice multitasking.

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