I don’t speak chinese, doesn’t matter….I’m the charades master.

entry: July 4th, 2012

I’ve been living in china for 8 months playing it every day. I’m so good I can sign language ‘important’ and get people to understand. what!

Random thought: I need to put sand paper on my door because GO AWAY does not translate in mandarin.

Its fourth of july and I have this sudden urge to go decked out in red white and blue stars and stripe pants, shirt and shoes. lookin like uncle sam. make a whole lot of chinese mad. stomp around their turf wrapped in an american flag, like what’s going on guys? when yall gon’ vote, oh oops. LOL. happy 4th. Im kidding Im kidding, actually I dont give a shit.

Random thought II: Bet you can’t fall asleep butt naked on a bare mattress!!!!!!!….because study show 90% of humans can only fall sleep, with some type of cover. Its a subconscious way of feeling secure in your most vulnerable state.

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