You can take the Chinese out of the third world, but you can’t take the third world out the Chinese.

entry: 5/24/12

I noticed that when I moved to Shibei, its alot different than other parts of town like CBD (central business district) or Chengyang (where many koreans live) or Badaguan (many rich chinese). Shibei is an old district where many people are adjusting to the new modernization of the city. You see interesting things in my complex because despite it being quite modern, you will occasionally see some interesting things; like clothes being hung, motorcycles being parked near the elevators (on my floor which is on the 11th lol), dog piss IN the elevator, garbage scattered around in various areas etc. But the cool thing about the building is there are no laws in terms of residential and commerce division. For example, there are 40 floors, and many people cook out of their apartments and deliver to various floors. Theres a barbershop, dentist, 24 hour market, whore houses and many other various commerce in my apartment complex. Its almost like the movie Judge Dredd. Its actually pretty cool to be honest, I never have to leave. Everything is here. But there are moments when the fighting, yelling, drunkards, cig smokers in the elevator get on my nerves. Pros and Cons I suppose. ha.

Just hang your clothes in the lobby area of my luxury apartment. No problems.

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