My first weekend in Seoul

entry: 5/26/12

Big ups the korean mama-san and the itaewon pimp that kept buying me rum and cokes despite being extreme light weights and stumbling about breaking damn near every glass in  the pool hall. Im from china trick, we heavyweights. Korea aint got nothing on what we do in Qingdao. I felt kinda bad for them. lololol The koreans were very embarrassed toward their behavior, but to me, this was every day chinese behavior – seeing people unable to walk, spilling all over the side walks, an every day in good ol Qingdao. *shrugs*.

Im staying in a love motel, hilarious how they try to mask it, yea because I cant see the business guys over 40 with 20 year olds running around. OK. Anyways I got a chance to catch the Mayweather fight against Cotto, and then linked up with my boy Bernard and his gf. They took me to a nice restaurant where I got a chance to eat some steak. mmmm. Its been awhile.

Bernard and his gf

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