Trying to find deodorant and cologne has become quite the easter hunt

entry: 5/19/12

Cultural differences and all that. Found some body spray….at the pharmacy of all places, it smells really good. Guess I’m going to have to rock that for now. Yea well apparently the chinese dont generally wear deodorant. Its not to say NONE do. Some probably do, but many…and by many I mean vast majority, do not. Ive come to the conclusion that it might be due to the lack of body hair and possibly pheromones (Im not making this up, studies show). The women during the winter sometimes can go a coupe of days without showering and smell perfectly fine. Men can too, unless they are doing very physical jobs, for example taxi drivers…and they sometimes do not. ew. lol

See us black folks, nah, we pumping out A LOT of pheromones, you better wash that ass son. lol. How you the size of Kimbo Slice trying to walk around without deodorant oh hell naw. O_o. Folks like us, italians, armenians, we drench ourselves because we know what time it is. ha!

I tried Korean food again today, and I stand by my statement that korean food is awful. My taste buds DO NOT WANT.

Lately Ive been shopping at the grocery store late. I like to go to my supermarket which closes at 9:30, between the hours of 9:10-9:30. Mostly because Im just not in the mood for a group of spectators, I just want to  grab a bottle of sprite and eggs, without the spectacle you know?  Try going to the supermarket at 6pm aka the after work crowd HO HO HO. Get ready for action!!! I should video tape it one of these days. I now know what celebrities go through.

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