Chinese milk doesnt go bad???

entry: 5/28/12

Back in Qingdao, and um, Ive had this carton of milk in my frig for like a month. I opened it and it wasn’t bad, no smell, no lumps, nothing. Now I’m curious as to what is in my chinese milk. Surely that can’t be a good sign. o_O

You know you’re back in China when:  the left lane to make a left turn, rushes to turn ( per law like the rest of the world its yield lol) before oncoming traffic, cutting everyone off,  including buses, women and children. Just cut all of them off, who cares. and the third car that tries to beat the oncoming traffic squeezes in so tight he’s driving in between people crossing the street, dodging cars hahaha

this milk doesnt go bad. hmmm

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