Woke up to construction workers drilling my wall. Masculinity tested.

Entry: 3/21/12

Woke up to construction workers drilling into my wall, granted, I wake up to construction work every day (I’m serious), but this one made me scream like a japanese school girl :*(. Thank god I didnt have anyone over, because she would have lost all respect for my masculinity; how high pitched and loud my scream was and the way I fought off those sheets…:facepalm:. I swear to god, it sounded like they were drilling into solid copper, RIGHT INTO MY EAR!!!!! Imagine a loud CLAAANNNNNGG BRRRRRRR CLAAAANG out of no where! while youre nicely tucked in snuggling your pillow, embedded into your fluffy bed like a soft cloud then BAM! My heart was hurting so bad I thought maybe, just maybe, I was hearing death. Like in the middle of the nite someone shot me in the head and thats the noise it made. I was too scared and my heart hurt too much to muster up anger. I just sat there with a confused look, blood shot eyes, morning crust and loud drilling for a good 10 min. They stopped shortly after.


photo by knox

Construction: It’s a part of living in a country that is always building and have no regulations. I’ve learned to sleep with studio headphones on.

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