Spotlight day at my apartment complex

A little about my place, it’s an apartment complex that’s literally attached to a mall with a supermarket in the basement level, next to the parking lot. Yes, this place is massive.

I’m always rolling through there and getting loads of stares but did 2 chinese girls really follow me around the supermarket?  hahaha. Once I noticed and pulled out my video camera, they approached me to take a picture. They were cool, turns out they work at the cigarette shop, so it was funny to find them there when I checked out and found them at the stand, they must have seen me roll through into the supermarket and followed me in there. They look fairly young, and act shy, but I’m not quite sure. We can’t communicate since they don’t speak a lick of english. Not everyones cool though, I got into a mad dogging contest with this loud ass broad on the phone. She broke out her cellphone right there in the aisle and had a loud conversation, then I move to one aisle and she’d reappear, phone in hand – I’m looking at her like wtf?? Why every aisle I go in???
Today was follow me around and stare day. I go into the mall to eat my lunch at a hotspot joint and my waitress Dolly, who insisted to be extra loud when attempting (but failing) to talk to me in English, kept attracting attention our way *sigh* lol. I upgraded my iphone OS, so none of my translators worked of course, what a day, what a day. I should also add, that one waitress (besides Dolly) and a waiter wouldn’t leave my side, of course that just drew even more attention. Today I wanted quiet time but it seemed like spotlight day. Now I understand what it must feel like to be a celebrity. It has it’s moments umph. Eh, This is China.

the mall downstairs from my apartment.

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