Barbershop or Massage parlor? *chin stroke*

There are zero barbershops in Qingdao (at least that I’ve seen) edit: since this blog I have seen many barbershops and I go to one every 2 weeks to touch up my mohawk. However their are places that advertise as barbershops that are actually “massage spas” *ahem*  or massage spas that are *ahem*. And it’s not legal but it’s legal lol. They are every where. Also almost every hotel has a “barbershop”, yes I said almost every, that includes 5 stars, in fact, ESPECIALLY 5 stars. Who knew the big bad communist country was like Amsterdam. Jesus. Now where am I going to get an edge up? Maybe at areal massage place? lol

Anyways, today I discovered there’s a pool hall on the 1st floor in the mall attached to my apartment complex. I think I’m in heaven lol. What kind of luck is this?

I had octopus last night, it’s not that bad, it’s just tough, chewy and takes 100 chews, and the flavor is faint. Christina chomped on the head and had a mouthful of ink. She said that was the best part…..I declined.

octopus head

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