And I’m back from Yantai. That food poisoning tho.

entry: 3/11/12

Good times. Highlights include hot springs and jumping a 6 ft wall partially paralyzed. Proof you can make wise and dumb decisions within a matter of moments lol. Also learned Bai jiu (chinese rice hard liquor) is dangerous.

Today is the first day having a real appetite since friday’s food poisoning episode in Yantai. I’m scarfing down chocolate sprinkle donuts like there’s no tomorrow. That food poisoning was lethal tho. Bad case of projectile vomit. Looked like a super soaker, coming out like fffffffsssssuugggghhhffffffsssss *birds move out the way* ffffffsssssss*bucket tips over from force* noo uugghhhummfffssssssss, like I could spray down the driveway, it was amazing. The sharp pain in my gut for about 12 hours was very revealing and revitalizing. Bad chinese chicken = life changing. : Confucius 1:23:

Quote of the day: “I heard stripping butt naked while getting a beat down always stops the fight. Who fights a naked person anyway?” LOL

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