While in China, we are content with things being poor quality

When in Rome China.  One of the things you learn to accept within the first month of living here is that the quality of things are just not up to par with the rest of the world, which is odd since China MAKES everything around the world. Things like rusty gates, rusty lobby doors (damn near every gate/door to enter someones complex is rusty), heck even stainless steel goes rusty, clothes wear down after 6-12 months, cotton starts to turn into thousands of lint balls, colors fade, car and house paint fainting are every day occurrence. Now that I write this I wonder if it’s the quality or just pollution causing all this. HA. Anyways this blog was to talk about how a cool bridge in Henan made international news for being the longest glass bridge in the world. 

Most people in China were excited, but shortly after excitement most people, much like those abroad who had heard about it, questioned it’s quality. “But will it hold up?” “I won’t dare walk on that thing in China”, now me being a foreigner, and completely ignoring the many lessons I have learned, met the comments with optimism “It’ll hold, this is an international attractions, they wouldn’t fumble this, they wouldn’t want to lose face”


I just never learn my lesson, I keep waiting for the day that the tide turns and everything starts to be made in japanese and german quality, yea, no. That bad boy cracked yesterday, and of course now every news circuit has caught wind. Face

lost. Comedy ensues.

bridge cracks, tourists flee in horror

China, we got to do better man, cmon lol.

Now that the one child policy has been relaxed….

There will be actual brothers and sisters again. Interesting fact, in China, cousins act as a sort of replacement for the lack of brothers and sisters during the one-child policy, prior to the policy the chinese had large families, then there was the implementation thus  you had a lot of siblings with only a single child. This generation grew up with loads of cousins, however, with the one child policy generation, there will be a generation without 1st cousins, their children however will have brothers and sisters again. The one child policy generation sounds like a lonely one without nieces and nephews.

Today is a holiday. Chinese Victory day.

Yes, you heard that right. Today is the day the Chinese defeated the Japanes….wait that didn’t happen, last I checked Japan surrendered after America dropped 2 nuclear bombs.

So why then are they having a victory parade as if they won the war? No idea.  I mean, I get it, it was a day of relief, but lets be honest that’s real strange. I could see if it were like a memorial day, but they are actually having a victory parade as though they defeated the japanese army. That didn’t happen. In fact, having a victory parade on the day another country defeated your enemy is a little….well. I’ll just stop there.

Random thought about underlining lack of pride

I was recently in a wechat group and an ad from a modeling agent came up looking for blonde haired blue eyed babies for a chinese baby food ad/label. Now, I found this to be a little odd because it would be like living in Norway and there being an ad with a chinese baby for a Norwegian baby food company (wouldn’t happen). Obviously when running an ad in a country you keep in consideration the phenotype of the population. Yet time and time again I notice a lot of ads have some kind of westerner or western theme,  mainly blue eyed. I seriously see a flaw in this. How do you expect to be the superpower when you don’t even have the pride to put your own babies on your own labels? Your women are in the background or sharing the stage with people that do not even live in your country?  What benefit do you get putting a nordic all over products other than to make your youth wish they were something they are not? This is psychological defeatism if I’ve ever seen it.

Another thing bothered me, same group chat, I saw a fourth of July flyer for a beach party, and not just some regular small size party a bunch of americans were throwing, I’m talking a massive festival. WTF. Last I checked China didn’t defeat the British on 4th of July. So strange, I mean I know its a reason to drink, but again, if you are to be a superpower how can you expect to be taken serious when you’re pretty much mimicking the opposing team? Do you think random americans (that are not of chinese descent) celebrate chinese new years? or a chinese festival? why not? why do you think? I just find it a bit baffling that I am celebrating 4th of July and Christmas in China. I thought I got away from all that but it has followed me in the most unexpected places. America truly has the most influence globally and no one is remotely close and will ever be in my life time. I am convinced of this.

-end of rant-

Chinese women and the art of 撒娇 (sa jiao)

There are many cultural difference which I have overcome over the years, some are easier than others, as they should be depending on the individual. In this blog, I will talk about the most difficult one for me, yes even more difficult than someone staring at me as if I am not of this planet.

撒娇 or sa jiao, means playfully pouting or flighty, but in chinese it doesn’t have the negative connotation as it does in the west. If you have any experience with chinese women, you have experience with 撒娇. It is ingrained in the culture, it is actually looked at as essential to feminism. Examples of 撒娇 would be pouting with your lips, making a child-like voice from time to time, basically acting like a teenage white girl from the valley after her father refuses to buy her clothes at the mall….actually, its pretty much like acting like a teenage spoiled valley girl from the burbs entirely. Everything from “Buy me this”, “I hurt my knee, look *pouty face*” “why do you love me?” (this question is asked once a week during the episodes of 撒娇), random out bursts and tantrums to get your attention, and so on.

As an american, especially a black american, this is difficult, because after H.S, after 18, you are raised to be like a spartan, independent, self-sufficient, strong, never showing weakness, never retreat, never surr….you get my drift. We learn (including the women, especially black women) very early that showing weakness can make you appear gullible, weak, immature, stupid, traits that aren’t associated with attractiveness in western culture, heck even complaining too much is an utter turn off, you’ll be called “soft” or a “lame” or in regards to women “airhead” “bimbo”. To the chinese man, it makes them feel masculine, to the american man it makes us feel like a pedo. When my gf is having her 撒娇, I try very hard not to be turned off, when she’s showing me an area that she burned while she cooked (no marking of course) with her pouty face and glazed eyes, I try to care, when she needs me to walk her to the bathroom at the lounge, I just go, when she has her random emotional outbursts, random jealousy and clingy episodes to test my emotional attachment to her, I remain calm, when she’s asking me why I love her for the 4345353 time, I just respond with the exact same generic answer. Why? because she’s chinese, this is her culture, I love her and thus ultimately this is what I signed up for.