Africa’s warriors by Knox


3 thoughts on “Africa’s warriors by Knox

  1. Nice images Mark, hey buddy not sure if you remember me from QD, we met a couple times, once with Rudy and you gave me a NK shirt at a pub in golden lion plaza. Anyway, hope you’re doing well. Was thinking of you because I have a student at my high school with a couple albums on Spotify but they all sound thin like with no mids, not sure if it’s a bitrate issue or what. I remember following you on SoundCloud and you were able to create some full sounding tracks and may even have remastered some other artists’ tracks…? Was wondering if you have a few minutes if you wouldn’t mind checking out “almighty D” on Spotify and offering some feedback when you can…? Appreciate it if you can and if not hope you’re doing well. Looks like you’re still smashing images, etc. Cheers, Adam 

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    • Indeed you are correct, good memory, in Sacramento now. Thank you, I’m not huge on social media (in fact I have none) but just followed you on an IG account I made. Will see about creating a FB account. In the meantime I’ll try to procure a few tracks from Demarco and keep you updated. Maybe I can send you a Google drive link if you’re open to that…? Cheers and thanks again

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