I have a peacock feather on my wrist. Someone said it’s for girls. Newsflash: The  peacock with the flamboyant feathers, is actually a male (peahen, are females, and do not have flamboyant feathers), peacock feathers  are used to attract females. Remember this every time you see a chick with a ‘cute’ peacock feather tattoo. #doyourresearch#transgendertatts #dontassumethepeacocksgender#yadoingitwrong


Insects everywhere

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my site. So much as been happening, my brother also came to visit back in Feb. BUT I will be doing  much more updates this second half of the year.  Stay tuned!

Insects everywhere:

I woke up to pee only to see huge ass roach the size of a ps4 controller on my tooth brush, after spraying it down the sink with hot water and before getting back to bed I decide to get a handful of flaming hot cheetos, I dip my hand in the bag, and its full of ants (wtf i didn’t even know ants liked spicy food). Did I forget to mention I’m on the 41st floor of a luxury condo? Imagine being in a single  floor home in a province. I’d be tusslin with wolves and mongoose, the fuck is goin on. #welcometothephilippines #philippinesproblems #tropics