I can find any software, Steam account content, sound banks, libraries, ebooks, any tutorial for under $5 in China.

I am watching this video on marketing. People like grey scale gorilla have made a killing on tutorials and special offer content, I admire them, I actually bought about $500 worth of content from him because through his site I get huge discounts plus free tutorials, high-quality exclusive libraries, and podcasts on 3D animation. Theirs many youtube guys like him who link to selling fitness regiments and products offer discounts or exclusive content. May sound designers sell their sound banks and things of the sort. Capitalism, innovation, marketing. Western approach. If I sold grey scale gorilla content/library I get from my subscription on amazon I’d be in a world of trouble and it would be looked down upon… intellectual property etc etc Of course people can torrent it, but that’s free, secret and piracy, much different than actually SELLING IT IN THE OPEN ON A POPULAR WEBSITE FOR PROFIT.

China: No intellectual property. What they do here is they buy all the legit content, buy unlimited licenses, libraries, even things like photoshop (under the guise of a school or something) any content from legit websites and then sell them on taobao (their version of amazon) for super cheap and the population size makes up for it being sold so low. They’re making a killing. On top of that you know about the bootleg stuff, some bootlegs are serious quality almost identical to the real thing if the counterfeiter is skilled.

Now with that, this hinders chinese innovation. No one here is making anything when they can just get it from the western world and flood the chinese market with bootlegs, you have hundreds of people doing this, competing to get the western made shit out to the masses. And then you have the copy cat of the copy cat, this person is undercutting and making the content EVEN CHEAPER LOL almost as cheap as a dollar!!!!! People making money off the things made in the western world with zero moral or looking back and then other people making money off that person introducing it to the chinese market and cloning off him, essentially being a clone of a clone, I mean this is some straight bottom feeding beyond the lobster, they’re the algae.

My thing, how will this affect china in the future? How can a society be first world without intellectual property? copyright? Piracy is one thing, but people making money off it,…… I can’t wrap my mind around how this can be, and how can thousands of people be doing this. This is so lawless and crazy. I know that this is a direct result of china being communist “property” is a hard concept for them to swallow, but eventually, they’re going to have to address this virtual wild wild west, eventually they are going to have an intellectual class that is not under the control of the party. How will China look in the future if they keep this up? What will they evolve into?

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