At what point do we recognize traditional chinese medicine doesn’t work?

It’s common to hear people avoid a nice cold glass of water because apparently the chinese are under the impression it isn’t good for your system as it lowers your body temp (wtf). Avoiding things like ice cold drinks, pharmaceutical pills and other technologically advanced items which might strike fear in a some grandmothers (remember how she used to think cellphones gave brain cancer and we shouldn’t stand too close to the microwave when it’s on?) is a common trait.  Many chinese, in 2015, still believe these things. It’s common to be served hot water at a restaurant and although that doesn’t bother me as it’s cultural, it somewhat irks me when I order an ice cold glass of water and folks act like I’m going to catch pneumonia, or eating 5 seeds will cure my asthma, no it won’t, and that inhaler won’t give me cancer, in fact it’ll help the asthma within seconds while the seeds won’t do anything. Listen, hot water and tiger nuts haven’t knocked out a cold in 1,000 years. 2 tablespoons of tussin will knock out a cold in less than 8 hours, quit playing games. technology > witchcraft.

At the same time, I could see how a country with loose regulations (FDA? HA!) could make a few folks skeptical. It’s just weird how some are concerned with a pill for a headache might be bad for one’s health, and cold water giving you pneumonia, but no one is saying anything about the various pollution, or how the water appears to rust even  stainless steel. Forget the cold water, you didn’t see the gray haze on the way here?