Well. I have finally caught up. From here on out my blogs will be current not archives.

No more entries from the past. Just in time for the new year!   All I can say is that now that I am talking PRESENCE, I have gotten quite used to living in China. I know of course this confuses many people that I live abroad but as I try to explain to folks that there are 2 different people in the world, there are those that stay near their family, comfort, home, and then there are explorers, people that go to far away lands and venture out. These type B people are the sort of people that discovered the americas, married locals, hell, america is full of people that they themselves left their home country for a better life in which was foreign to them. Try not to be confused and try to understand. Some people feel comfortable being uncomfortable if that makes any sense…..

anyways its nice to know that from here on out my thoughts will be current. I’m just glad to have an archive I can look back on and compare my *new in china eyes* to my now *veteran eyes*. funny because QD is a transit city most folks don’t last more than a season yet I’ve been here this long.

anyways, its late. but I’m excited to finally have fresh writing material. 🙂

If there’s anything you want me to cover, any ideas, by all means share. I could use some feedback. 🙂