Chinese sex

I was talking to a couple of girls about this topic. I asked them to tell me some words that chinese say during sex. After that I asked them what they thought about foreigners using these words and they said it was a complete and utter turnoff. I found that a bit strange since they sex talk in english when they’re with foreigners and I’ve not met a guy who was turned off by this. Hmm. When you ask a chinese girl which she would prefer from you (foreigner), she will almost always say english, and then when you ask them why they don’t sex talk in chinese, or you request it, they will almost always say “no!” “its strange!” ” nooo, you can’t understand anyways!” I think most guys get turned on MORE hearing a girl talk in her native tongue, I know I do….from spanish to french, heck even hebrew would turn me on more than them speaking english. Now if we could get chinese girls to be more open about sex talking in chinese….. and I allow me to say some words in chinese since I let them use english 😛

3 thoughts on “Chinese sex

  1. I’ve never said a lot in Chinese (I don’t really know it well), but saying things like “Wo ai ni” in their ear, or “Cum for Heiren Daddy” has turned most of the girls that I’ve been with on. In my experience, Japanese girls preferred to speak Japanese during sex while Chinese girls spoke English, but didn’t mind me saying what few things I could think up in Chinese.

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